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No matter how you want to dress, your hair should look brilliant, healthy and sleek

Those nights out are more than just a few drinks; we all know that they are mini fashion shows with everyone trying to out do each other.

No matter if you see this as fun or something serious, when it comes to a Special night out, you should get professional help with your hair.

Book Ange in advance and she will help you look your best and ready to stun the dance floor with your looks as well as your moves.


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Hair for the Bride and her Brides Maids

When you start planning your wedding, the dress is always a priority, after that, the sooner Ange can speak to you about your hair and plans the better.

Ange will provide you and your brides maids with a consultation, skin and hair testing closer to the date and some trial runs to make sure that you and she know the styles and timings on the day.

On the day, Ange will bring a team of highly qualified and experienced stylists with her is necessary to make sure that everything goes well on the day.

If you feel the need, she can even be there at the wedding and the functions to make your day perfect.

Prom Nightwpf468e3f4_05

With the influx of American TV programs comes the Prom and now it has become a major event in the lives of our School Children.

Elegant nights out usually (but not always) mean hair up. Ange can advise and help you choose the best style for you and after she has prepared you for your important    night she will give you hints and tips on how to maintain your hair for the night.

Again, her years of experience mean that there Ange has a range of hair styles available to her and you. No matter what your hair style, Ange will help you look your best for your very special night out.

Hair up or hair down, you can be sure that you will be the belle of the ball.